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Literary Reviews and How They Sell Books
All authors want to receive outstanding literary reviews coupled with great quotes they can use for testimonial purposes because it is the reviews that either attract readers or make them run in the opposite direction. However, many new authors are unsure as to how they can get their books online and reviewed.

The Importance of Literary Reviews
In the United States, approximately 200,000 books become published every year. But only 2% sell over 500 copies. This is because readers do not want to give up their time and money reading uninteresting books. Every wasted read on a sub par work deprives the reader of discovering a classic like The Great Gatsby, which is why discerning readers use literary reviews to make their decision. It is the books with positive reviews given by well-known reviewers that get the spotlight on book shelves.

How Authors Can Receive Literary Reviews
A few of the top book reviewers include Publishers Weekly and the New York Times; however, if an author is published independently, their book will probably not even get a glance from any of the top reviewers. Magazine as well as local newspaper reviews only help book sales on a local level. The same holds true for a custom essay. This is why many independent authors or why a freelance writer would utilize the internet.

Many traditional services that are now available online used to to exist only in a tangible format and were once viewed as taboo. They are now becoming commonplace, whether it is an online college or a book online review. This comes as no surprise considering how many people turn to the internet for information as opposed to newspapers and print magazines. Today you can find all sorts of writing and reading services online.

Online Literary Reviews–Free and Paid
The majority of authors in the past expected to get literary reviews for no cost. But today’s authors should be prepared to write off their book review as an expense. Consider this, literary reviewers spend many hours reading books in order to form a review and their hard work deserves compensation. Most publishing houses recommend for authors to prepare and pay for sending 20 book copies to various reviewers.


The Process of Paid Literary Reviews
There are several beneficial aspects of paid literary reviews. Because free review services can not guarantee that every book authors send in will be reviewed due to the sheer volume of entries, paid reviews come with the guarantee of a review. All well-respected review publications give authors a certain time line, with two weeks being the standard. After the review is completed, authors will have the right to quote their book review as long as they credit the reviewer. A lot of online paid review services will post the review on their website–Authors Den, Amazon, and Barns & Noble.

There are even services that provide various packages such as single book reviews, term paper, radio interviews, book videos, and virtual tours. These types of packages give authors the chance to receive not only reviews, but also publicity that meets their budget constraints. Are you in need of literature review? Sometimes it is difficult to find a quality service or decent freelance professional writer to do this type of work. ALR works with several of these types of service providers.

Be advised that paying for literary reviews does not guarantee the reviews will be positive. Honest reviews are always superior to misleading ones. Dishonest reviews are discouraged for several reasons. First of all, the review agent will be putting their reputation on the line. And even worse, readers will become upset that they were mislead, causing them to throw their money and time away on books that fall short of expectations.